G H barevně

  • House area: 300 sq.m.
  • Land area: 10 hundred

C D barevně

  • House area: 500 sq.m.
  • Land area: 27 hundred

E F barevně

  • House area: 500 sq.m.
  • Land area: 10 hundred

I J barevně

  • House area: 200 sq.m.
  • Land area: 8 hundred

K L barevně

  • House area: 360 sq.m.
  • Land area: 8 hundred

General plan of the village

Our advantages


Cafes and restaurants near the house


School facilities are in 5 minutes walk


Wonderful nature and playgrounds for children

Comfort driving

Underground parking lots and close to city center

0 km
We are from the city
Houses for sale

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MIPIACE s.r.o.
Revoluční 762/13, Staré Město, 110 00 Praha 1
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Zbraslav village

The cottage village of Zbraslav is a modern format of elite real estate for a comfortable life in the country. Zbraslav is located 14 km from the historical center of the capital, between the Vltava and Berounka river.

The project of our architectural bureau includes modern layouts of cottages, landscape design, wide streets, walking areas in the village and along the river. Facades of houses in various styles create a general atmosphere of respectability.

Comfort and safety

  • Living area – comfortable cottages with an area of 200 sq.m., which are the embodiment of comfort;
  • The territory is fenced, is under round-the-clock protection;
  • Developed infrastructure, landscaped area;
  • There is a new gymnasium with bilingual education, modern playgrounds.

Territory protection

Zbraslav village is an island of peace, tranquility and security. All security issues are resolved centrally.


Designers and developers paid maximum attention to the arrangement of public areas. The village is a feeling of spaciousness on wide paved roads and sidewalks for walks. Decorative street lighting makes walking comfortable at any time of the day. Cottages in the village are made in a single architectural concept, they conquer the atmosphere of respectability and style.

Everything for comfort and relaxation

  • Landscaping of public areas – public gardens, beautiful flower beds and lawns, green islets;
  • Park areas along the river are landscaped, equipped with benches for rest;
  • Bicycle paths are provided;
  • For guests who come to the village of Zbraslav, there are special parking spaces.
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